Development of Access Roads and Maintenance for ETCL

Project Overview

A key infrastructure project by Wilsons Uganda Limited, this initiative involved constructing access roads for ETCL and their periodic maintenance, facilitating smoother transport and trade routes, essential for regional development.

Key Highlights

  • Strategic planning and construction of access roads.
  • Regular maintenance to ensure road quality and safety.
  • Deployment of robust construction and maintenance equipment.
  • Adherence to the highest standards of safety and engineering.

Detailed Description

This project required a comprehensive approach to road building and maintenance, from initial soil analysis to the application of the final asphalt layer. Our team’s technical acumen ensured these vital arteries remain dependable and efficient.

Testimonial/Client Feedback

“Wilsons Uganda Limited has been a cornerstone in our infrastructure development. Their proficiency in constructing and maintaining our access roads has been remarkable, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for our operations.” – ETCL Official

Impact Assessment

The construction and upkeep of these access roads by Wilsons have significantly reduced travel time, increased safety for motorists, and provided an impetus for economic growth in the areas served by ETCL.

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